Smart Farming


The application of the above technologies has a positive impact on agriculture and cattle farming. Let’s take a look at some of these improvements:

  • Increased production: the optimisation of all the processes related to agriculture and livestock-rearing increases production rates.
  • Water saving: weather forecasts and sensors that measure soil moisture mean watering only when necessary and for the right length of time.
  • Better quality: analysis of the quality of the produce obtained in relation to the strategies applied makes adjustments possible to increase subsequent production quality.
  • Reduced costs: automation of sowing, treatments and harvesting in the case of agriculture reduces the use of resources.
  • Pest detection and animal health: early detection of infestations in crops or sickness in animals means that their impact on production can be minimised and animal welfare improved.
  • Better sustainability: saving resources like irrigation water and getting maximum benefit from the land reduce the impact on the environment.