Govt Services

One single ERP system covering all government levels

Convey enhanced services, provide better accountability, ensure transparency, drive and employ advantageous policies.

GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS “One single system covering all your needs.”

  • Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Defence
  • Public Distribution
  • Administration
  • Housing
  • Industries
  • Information & Broadcasting
  • Law & Justice
  • Social Development
  • Tourism

We provides comprehensive functionality for managing educational institutions. University Administration Institutional Relationship Student Relationship Management Research Project Management Academic Management

We provides tools to manage operations of a central government and ministries with respect to - Budget and Financial planning and Operations - Tax and Revenue Management and Allocation - Central Projects Management - Social Protection and Benefits - Documentation and Compliance

State run organizations can be better managed using VIENNA Advantage. - Manage state run organizations and institutions such as eductional institutions and corporations - Manage revenues and allocation - Manage Projects more efficiently - Better collaborate with the central government and state authorities - Documentation and Compliance

The right tools provided by VIENNA Advantage can help you manage your city or council more effectively. - City Administration - City Projects - Benefits and Social Protection - Citizens Services - Documentation and Compliance

NGO are integral part of any functioning society. VA can help operating your NGO smoothly. - Donations and Funds Management - Accounts reconciliation - Documentation and Compliance - Operational efficiencies to reduce cost - Higher accountability through transparent reporting

Key Modules

Integrate, automate and digitalize your governance processes



-Online Expression of Interest
-Online Submission of Proposals
-Automatic evaluation of criteria
-Contract creation
-Contract Management
-Project Management



-Dashboard Reporting
-Automatic Push Alerts
-Intelligent Workflow
-Role based Reporting
-Email and SMS Reports
-Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


eService Delivery

-Online Records filing
-Identity Validation
-Online Applications
-Generate Record Prints
-Status Update Online, Email, SMS, Mobile
-eSignature, ePayment



-Policy Implementation using system
-Business Process Modelling
-Track Key figures
-Workflow Integration
-Approvals Automation
-Automatic Escalations


eRevenue Management

-eTax- Filing
-Tax Collection online
-Tax Calculation
-Road Tax Collection
-Usage based charges
-Recurring Invoices


ePublic Relations

-Internet Portal for Public Relation
-Press Releases
-Maintain Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media account
-Polls, Voting